Orchard 1.1 CMS Is Shipped!

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What’s new?

Orchard 1.1 fixes bugs and addresses common feedback from the prior 1.0 release, and also adds the following new features:

1. New design for the administration interface, and several usability workflow improvements.
2. Setup recipes: at setup, you have a choice between three installation profiles. It is possible to create your own.
3. Module recipes: modules can specify a set of recipe actions to optionally perform when installing, such as downloading and installing dependencies.
4. Improved module and theme installation workflow.
5. Improved widget and layer management.
6. Improved list management.
7. A new media picker dialog on the rich editor for uploading, inserting, and browsing media items.
8. Improved MSDeploy packaging and deployment from Visual Studio.

What’s New In The Orchard Gallery for 1.1

- Import/Export: transfer metadata, data, and settings between sites.

- Designer Tools: New “shape tracing” feature allows you to inspect the rendering of your site to customize and override templates and placement. URL-based alternates are now supported for targeting template overrides at specific URLs.

- Warmup: Improves site response times in shared hosting environments.

How To Upgrade From Orchard 1.0

There is a great article in Documentation section of Orchard web site that describes standard upgrade procedures in the most common cases:

- Upgrading a Running Instance of Orchard to a New Version
- Performing a Clean Upgrade
- Performing a Not-So-Clean Upgrade

Grab Orchard Bits

View the release notes
Download as a zip (8 MB)
Download the source (17 MB)
Docs and walkthroughs

What do you think?

Have you had a chance to try out release 1.1? What are your thoughts?

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