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Scrum Coaching

Scrum Coaching

Hive Studios can help you to streamline software development process trough application of agile project management techniques which allows you to run a project in such a way that the team quickly delivers maximum business value.

Scrum Coach is here to help you overcome the initial impediments. Removing impediments early in the project greatly improves your chances to success and benefit with agile.

User Requirements


User requirements are one of the most common pain points in software development process. Incomplete and hidden requirements represent one of the basic obstacles for fluent communication between the team and users.

Hive Studios can help you revisit your information gathering process and build a solid bridge of understanding between users, customers and development team.

Team Empowerment

Behind every good software solution stands the whole team. A good team is characterized by free knowledge sharing, commitment and the trust that is established between team members and customers.

Hive Studios can help to strengthen the trust customers have in your organization by helping to establish a proper relationship and responsibilities between all project stakeholders.

Arhitect Solution

Architecture is a significant factor that impacts the ability of software solutions to quickly respond to change requests. Solid architecture should be clean, reflect user requirements and enable easy patching, upgrades and automatic testing.

Hive Studios has extensive experience in the software architecture analysis. We can help you pave a road to the new architecture that will promote low-cost maintenance, easy automatic testing and quick respond to the emerging user requirements.

Software Quality

Maintaining software quality in a dynamic team environment with emerging requirements requires a specific approach to the development process. The process must include feedback mechanisms to ensure that all improvements and fixes are delivered as soon as possible, while at the same time retain the high quality code base.

Hive Studios can help you introduce code refactoring and enforce unified coding standard in teams of all sizes. Clean and maintainable code reduces development costs and accelerates introduction of new team members.

Automate Builds And Test Runs

Large number of manual and repetitive tasks is one of the main causes for high cost of software development. Continuous pressure to deliver small patches to customers caused by inappropriate testing and manual packaging is number one cause for drop in team productivity.

Automatic testing and packaging allow you to deliver software on daily basis that is tested, packaged, documented and ready for your customers. Continuous delivery of working software is a foundation of thrust in your organization.

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